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The Grand Jury could not have accomplished its work without the support of many individuals inside and outside of our local government.  The members of the Jury wish to express their appreciation to those public officials who have responded to our questions with good grace and a surprisingly high level of tolerance for our lack of specific knowledge regarding the functions of local government.  

Again, we wish to express our appreciation to Judge Harlan for her assistance and direction.  Mr. John Hahn, County Counsel, has been the primary provider of legal advice to the Civil Grand Jury and has responded promptly to our many requests for advise on issues that concerned us.  Mr. Todd Riebe, the District Attorney, would normally be called upon by the Jury for advice on criminal issues but his broad experience has been very helpful in other areas. 

 The contributions and support of the court staff in assisting the Grand Jury are greatly appreciated.  The Grand Jury extends its thanks to Mary Kraft for her help and dedication throughout the year. 

 The Grand Jury wishes to express our sincere thanks to Dayna Fairweather for her assistance in preparing this document for tabloid production.