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Throughout its term, the Grand Jury receives complaints filed by citizens.  Serious consideration is given to each complaint, because the Grand Jury represents the citizens while ensuring that local government operates in the best interest of its citizens.  Occasionally, responding to a citizen complaint may prompt the Grand Jury to conduct a full investigation of the subject matter of the complaint. 

Due to legal or discretionary reason, the Grand Jury may not necessarily investigate every complaint it receives.  For instance, the Penal Code prohibits the Grand Jury from investigating a complaint if any of the following conditions apply to the subject of the complaint. 

Furthermore, the Grand Jury considers several discretionary factors when deciding whether to investigate a complaint, such as:

By law, citizen complaints filed with the Grand Jury must remain confidential, therefore the names of those citizens will not be used in the reports based on those investigations.  Following are reports of the citizen complaints investigated by the 2000-2001 Grand Jury.