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3. Amador County Treasurer and Treasury Oversight Committee

Government Code Section 27130

The Legislature finds and declares that local agencies, including school districts, should participate in reviewing the policies that guide the investment of those funds. The Legislature further finds and declares that by pooling deposits from local agencies and other participants, county treasuries operate in the public interest when they consolidate banking and investment activities, reduce duplication, achieve economies of scale, and carry out coherent and consolidated investment strategies. The Legislature further finds and declares that the creation of county treasury oversight committees will promote the public interest by involving depositors in the management of their funds and by enhancing the security and investment return on their funds by providing a more stable and predictable balance for investment by establishing criteria for the withdrawal of funds.

Government Code Section 27131

The board of supervisors in each county or city and county shall, if the county or city and county is investing surplus funds, establish a county treasury oversight committee. The board of supervisors, in consultation with the county treasurer, shall determine the exact size of the committee, which shall consist of from 3 to 11 members, and the categories from which the members shall be represented, as specified in subdivisions (a) to (g), inclusive, of Section 27132. Members shall be nominated by the treasurer and confirmed by the board of supervisors.

Government Code Section 27132

The county treasury oversight committee, pursuant to Section 27131, shall consist of members appointed from the following:

Government Code Section 27133 excerpt

In any county that establishes a county treasury oversight committee pursuant to this article, the county treasurer shall annually prepare an investment policy that will be reviewed and monitored by the county treasury oversight committee . . .

Government Code Section 27134

The county treasury oversight committee shall cause an annual audit to be conducted to determine the county treasury' s compliance with this article. The audit may include issues relating to the structure of the investment portfolio and risk.

Government Code Section 27137

Nothing in this article shall be construed to allow the county treasury oversight committee to direct individual investment decisions, select individual investment advisors, brokers, or dealers, or impinge on the day-to-day operations of the county treasury.

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