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Authority for Review

Grand Jury jurisdiction provided by Penal Code Section 933.5.

Background for Review

Complaint received by the Grand Jury claimed concern over "the continual use of structural fire engine #6180 outside the county . . . there have been several times when [the] engine was out of the county and [Lockwood Fire Protection District residents] were left vulnerable."

Method of Review

Interview with Complainant
Interview with LFPD Chief
Interview with LFPD Board of Directors
Interview with Sutter Hill California Department of Forestry (CDF) Battalion Chief
Review of records including Lockwood Fire Station #1 logbook, LFPD Board of Directors minutes, California State Mutual Aid Plan
On-site visit


The Lockwood Fire Protection District (LFPD) was formed in 1981. The LFPD collects a yearly benefit assessment fee on property in the District.

The LFPD held public meetings and a noticed public hearing in 1991 to establish an additional benefit assessment fee for the purchase of a structural fire engine. The structural engine was purchased by bid in December 1991 and will be paid for in 1998. The fee was assessed beginning in January 1992.

LFPD maintains Mutual Aid agreements with other districts in Amador County and the State of California, as well as the CDF and the United States Forest Service.

Fire districts are required to respond to Mutual Aid requests if they have the required resources available. To reduce risk to districts responding to Mutual Aid requests, CDF notifies surrounding fire districts to be on standby. LFPD has received mutual aid in the past and recognizes its importance.

Structural Fire Engine 6180 was not taken out of the county during 1994 or 1995. It was taken out of the county twice in 1996, once to Tuolumne County for five days in August and once to Malibu for five days in October.


The LFPD should continue to participate in Mutual Aid agreements.

Structural Fire Engine 6180 was taken out of the county ten days in the last three years only as required by Mutual Aid.



Response Required

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