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Authority for Review

Grand Jury Jurisdiction provided by Penal Code Section 925.


Periodic review of County agencies.

Method of Review

Interviews with Emergency Services Coordinator/Risk Manager
Interview with Chairman of the Board of Supervisors
Interview with Amador County Administrative Director
Review of County Policies & Procedures Manual and Emergency Services Coordinator/Risk Manager job descriptions
On-site visit


The Office of Emergency Services (OES)/Risk Management consists of the OES/Risk Management Coordinator, one full-time employee and one part-time employee. The OES position was established in 1990. In 1994 the job description was augmented to include the duties of Risk Manager.

The OES Coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating responses to large scale emergencies and disasters in the county, maintenance and development of the county 9-1-1 program, and serves as executive officer of the Amador Fire Protection District (AFPD.)

The Risk Manager administers the County workers' compensation and self-insurance programs. In addition, the Risk Manager's safety duties include maintaining current information on health and safety regulations, organization of county safety training, preparation of county policies and procedures on workplace health and safety, and all safety inspections of County facilities.


The duties of the OES Coordinator have become very diversified requiring the juggling of priorities in order to meet all OES, Risk Management and AFPD commitments.


Separate the responsibilities of OES/Risk Management and assign adequate personnel to each. Separate and update the job descriptions.

Response Required

The Amador County Grand Jury requests the OES/Risk Management Coordinator and Board of Supervisors respond within 90 days as required by Penal Code Section 933(c).
Table of Contents