Amador County Jail


The Grand Jury conducted the annual review of the Amador County Jail. The Grand Jury concluded the Sheriff’s Department provides a high quality facility.


  1. At the time of review, there were 48 male inmates and 6 female inmates in the facility.
  2. Inmates sentenced to jail serve on work crews, in the print shop, and wash county vehicles. Inmates waiting trial or sentencing do not work.
  3. A nurse practitioner provides medical evaluation and treatment. The nurse refers inmates to a physician as needed.
  4. The County Health Department gives Human Immune Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) training to inmates.
  5. The Sheriff’s Department contracts with Denny’s Restaurant for inmate meals.
  6. The jail facility is clean and secure.


  1. The Sheriff’s Department manages the jail in a competent and professional manner.



Comment Requirements


Authority to Investigate

Penal Code Section 919(b) provides that the Grand Jury shall inquire into the condition and operation of public prisons within the county. As required by Penal Code Section 916, at least twelve Grand Jurors voted to review the operations of the Amador County Jail.

Method of Review

Members of the Grand Jury interviewed the Jail Commander and met with the Amador County Sheriff. Grand Jury members also toured the jail.


This facility falls under the jurisdiction of the Amador County Sheriff. The Jail Commander manages the jail. A staff of 20 operates the facility. The capacity of the jail increased twice since its construction. These increases raised the occupancy from 48 to today’s level of 79. At the time of review, there were 48 male inmates and 6 female inmates in the facility.

The jail provides onsite meals and medical care. The Sheriff’s Department contracts with Denny’s Restaurant in Jackson to deliver meals three times a day. Inmates receive medical care and evaluation from an in-house nurse practitioner. The nurse practitioner refers serious medical problems to a physician. While incarcerated, inmates receive education in HIV and AIDS prevention. Amador County Drug and Alcohol Agency counselors provide drug and alcohol addiction counseling.

Inmates who are serving time perform work on county work crews, in the county print shop or washing county vehicles. While not required to work, inmates receive five days off each thirty days of their sentence when they do work. Inmates waiting for trial or sentencing are not required to work.

Supplementary Information