Responses to 1996-97 Grand Jury Report

1996-97 Grand Jury Recommendations



Amador County Archivist

Move County Archives to a more suitable location.

Agreed To be moved to basement of Municipal Courthouse.

Increase funding to allow Archives to be open more than current hours.

Agreed Subject to budget process.

Include Archivist’s salary in Archive budget

Agreed Done.

Provide inventory of archival material to GSA Director

Agreed The GSA Director has a paper inventory and a computerized version is in preparation.

Consult with County Counsel to develop a donor agreement form

Agreed Forms have been reviewed by County Counsel.

Require signatures of both Archivist and GSA Director to use "Friends of the Archives" bank account

Disagreed Archive account administered by Rotary Club.

Amador County Fire Protection District

Hire a full-time professional Fire Chief.

Incomplete Request that recommendation be addressed to the Board of Directors of the Amador Fire Protection District.

Develop a master plan to consolidate existing Fire Districts into a comprehensive Amador District.

Agreed Under review by Amador County Fire Chief’s Association and Board of Supervisors.

Implement a plan to share revenue and costs between the existing Fire Districts.


Amador County Grand Jury

Provide permanent facilities large enough for equipment and full panel meetings.

Agreed Under discussion with Board of Supervisors.

Compensate Grand Jurors on an hourly basis for service over four hours daily.

Agreed Survey of other counties in progress.

Provide updated computer equipment, a collating copy machine, a telephone with answering machine, a tape recorder, a portable computer, a fax machine, a paper shredder and another filing cabinet.

Agreed Equipment survey completed. The Grand Jury now has its own equipment budget. All referenced equipment except the portable computer has been purchased and installed. It is the opinion of the current Grand Jury that purchase of a portable computer is not necessary.

Amador County Museum

Repair roof and supporting structure.

Agreed Repairs in progress and some work out for bid.

Install climate control system.

Agreed Completed.

Improve ground security.

Agreed A new alarm system has been installed.


1996-97 Grand Jury Recommendations Response


Amador County Purchasing Department
Develop a countywide centralized computer system to support purchasing and inventory functions. Agreed Subject to budget process.
Implement the planned computer system linking the Purchasing and Auditor’s Departments. Agreed Done.
Amador County Unified School District
Increase publicity in local media for all programs, especially Adult Basic Education (ABE) and GED. Agreed None
Expand the selection of fee-based classed in the ABE program. Agreed None
Expand Maintenance staff to accommodate District needs. Agreed Subject to budget constraints
Evaluate oldest Maintenance vehicles for replacement. Agreed

Implement a procedure for drivers to provide written reports on problems with Maintenance vehicles.

Incomplete Maintenance workers "encouraged" to report problems.

Provide means to secure tools and materials in cargo areas of Maintenance vehicles.

Agreed Subject to development of a "plan of action."

Provide protective barriers between cargo and passenger areas of Maintenance vehicles.


Amador County Mental Health Department

Provide direct 24-hour phone service between clients and a therapist for purposes of screening crisis calls.

Disagree Health and Human Services Director feels that insufficient staff are available to undertake this function. The Director also feels that Operation CARE is doing an adequate job in responding to after-hours crisis calls and making referrals to Mental Health staff on an "on-call" basis.

Amador County Office of Emergency Services

Separate responsibilities of Emergency Services and Risk Management and update the job descriptions.

Agreed Effective July 1997.

Jackson Police Department

Hire a new officer to fill the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grant position.

Agreed A new officer has been assigned to the position under the COPS Universal grant.

Reinstate the current COPS officer into a non-grant position.

Agreed Officer has been assigned to a position with alternate funding.

Require the new COPS officer to sign a contract reflecting the requirements of the COPS position.

None Not addressed.

Include material in the personnel file of all officers hired under a grant to reflect their status.

Agreed "Proper documentation" included in the personnel file.


1996-97 Grand Jury Recommendations

Response Comment

Directly involve the Chief of Police in ongoing grant administration.

Disagreed City feels Chief is already involved as he "initials or signs" documents forwarded to the City Manager.

Require the Chief to review and initial all grant documentation sent to the City Manager for signature.


Prepare and preserve memorandum showing contact with agencies providing grant monies.

None Not addressed.

Develop a plan for employing grant officers following exhaustion of grant funds.

Agreed City states that they will make a "good faith" effort to retain these officers.

Make a good faith effort to retain grant officers following expiration of the grant period.



The City stated that "we are surprised that it [the Grand Jury] found reason to conduct an investigation into a matter that is clearly between the City of Jackson and the Federal Department of Justice." The City also felt that "the manner in which the Grand Jury has presented its information, and the conclusions and findings might lead one to believe that there was greater cause for this particular investigation than the need to pursue a criminal complaint."

The current Grand Jury finds that statute allows a Grand Jury full latitude to investigate the relationship between an agency of local government and the agencies providing funding to the local agency. Specifically, the issue related to the use of COPS grant monies to hire additional officers, as intended by the federal legislation, rather than fund existing officers.

In the opinion of the current Jury, the manner in which the 1996-97 Grand Jury constructed its report is entirely appropriate.

Amador County Jail

Assign an additional officer to the jail area.

Agreed Subject to budget process.

Replace the officer door with a security door.

Incomplete Sheriff’s Office to analyze cost versus benefits.

Preston School of Industry

Install a new perimeter fence.

Agreed Was budgeted for FY 1997-98.

Complete the automated telephone alert system.

Agreed Due to be completed February 1998.

Replace damaged chairs in Manzanita Lodge.

Agreed Done.

Amador County Probation Department

Remodel office to provide additional security for personnel.

Agreed New facility in planning stage and under review by Board of Supervisors

Include Probation budget in Superior Court budget.

Disagreed None

Expand staff to allow more thorough supervision of probationers.

Agreed Subject to Board of Supervisor review.

Provide a local long-term facility for detaining juveniles.

Agreed In dialogue with Calaveras and Tuolumne counties.



1996-97 Grand Jury Recommendations

Response Comment

Jackson Business Improvement District

Establish a collection procedure for delinquent assessments.

Agreed Should be directed to the BID, which is allowed "autonomy" in administering its activities.

Provide revenue and expenditure reports to business owners.


Establish and implement short-term visible goals.


Hold regularly scheduled membership meetings.


Request that the City of Jackson take a more active role when City funds are involved.

Disagreed The City has funded the BID in the past but does not do so currently. The agreement between the City and the BID does not allow the City oversight over how BID monies, including those from the City, are spent. Future City funding. The City feels that they already undertake an active role.

Volcano Cemetery

Complete the plot map.

Agreed Done.

Price available plots as a level comparable to those in surrounding communities.

Agreed Done

Establish a procedure for public selection and purchase of plots.

Agreed Done

Request that the Board of Supervisors adopt one of the recommendations presented by the County Counsel in his letter of September 17, 1991.

Agreed District plans to request the Board of Supervisors to form a new cemetery district.

Buena Vista Solid Waste Landfill

Install the certified public scale.

Agreed Installed but not yet operational.

Implement required public education programs.

Agreed Completed.