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The County Grand Jury system was established by the State Legislature to function as a "watch dog" to assure that your rights to an open and honest local government are not abridged. We are pleased to present to you the Final Report of the 1999-2000 Amador County Grand Jury. Its findings and recommendations are the result of countless hours of study, research and investigation into various aspects of County and City government. Some of the issues we addressed are mandated by law. Others were selected by the Grand Jury for reasons stated in the Final Report. A number of investigations were carried out in response to citizen complaints.

The final section of the report contains a summary of the recommendations made by the 1998-1999 Grand Jury, together with the responses of Amador County Officials to those recommendations. We urge you to review those responses, in your areas of interest, to satisfy yourselves that the matters raised by last year's Grand Jury have been adequately addressed.

An issue of great concern to Grand Jury members is the value you place on our work. When asked if they had ever considered contacting the Grand Jury about a problem, many citizens we talked with stated that they had little trust that positive action ever had, or would, be taken as a result of the Grand Jury's work. In response to those expressed feelings, we are asking you, as citizens of Amador County, to do four things. First, read the report thoroughly; second, note those issues that are of particular interest to you; third, take the time to call, write or visit those responsible for follow-up and let them know you care about what happens; and fourth, do not let the recommendations of your Grand Jury fall by the wayside. As citizens, we are all responsible for what happens, or doesn't happen, in our community. The democratic process demands our involvement. Let us all live up to our reputation as a politically active community in a positive way.

It has been a challenging and worthwhile year for us. We are grateful for having had the opportunity to serve our community and we encourage everyone to respond positively when they too are called upon to serve.

Very truly yours,

Members of the 1999-2000 Amador County Grand Jury

May 16, 2000

Dick Aberley, Foreman
Amador County Grand Jury
P.O. Box 249
Jackson, CA 95642

Dear Mr. Aberley and Members of the 1999-2000 Grand Jury:

After reading your extensive reports, it is very clear that a great deal of time and effort was contributed over the past year. Time is a precious commodity in today's world and you have certainly given generously. The reports reflect thorough investigations with thought provoking recommendations. You have done a magnificent job of which you and our community can be proud.

As your term has come to a close, it is now time to go back into your respective communities and share the valuable experience that you had on the Amador County Grand Jury. I wish you the best of luck during your well earned retirement. It was truly a pleasure working with you.


Susan C. Harlan
Superior Court Judge


June 27, 2000

The Honorable Susan C. Harlan
Presiding Judge, Amador County Superior Court
108 Court Street
Jackson, CA 95642

Dear Judge Harlan,

We, the members of the 1999-2000 Amador County Grand Jury, are pleased to present to you our Final Report in compliance with California Penal Code Section 933(a). Today, we also had the honor of presenting the report to the Amador County Board of Supervisors.

We have been privileged to serve the citizens of Amador County this past year. None of us could have imagined, at the beginning of our year of service, what lay ahead. During the ensuing twelve months, we collectively spent thousands of hours conducting interviews, examining documents and visiting the sites of our investigations. In the process, we gained a keen appreciation of how government works, and what a valuable service it performs. More importantly, we believe that our efforts have resulted in recommendations that, if implemented, will greatly benefit the citizens of Amador County.

As we turn the reins over to the newly impaneled Grand Jury, we wish to thank you and Mary Kraft for your support and assistance. We have become true believers in the importance of the Grand Jury system. We trust that you are satisfied with our efforts.

Very truly yours,
Amador County Grand Jury

Dick Aberley

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