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Article 2, Section 925 of the California Penal Code authorizes the Grand Jury to investigate and report on the operations, accounts, and records of the officers, departments, or functions of the County. The 1999-2000 Grand Jury selected the General Services Administration (GSA) as one of the areas to review.

GSA is comprised of divisions providing services for Purchasing, Central Stores, Motor Pool, Printing, Data Processing, Communications, Building Maintenance, Property Management, Waste Management, Grant Administration, Special Projects Coordinator, Custodians and Central Mailing. One or more of these divisions affect every other area of County government.

GSA also provides services to the public through the Public Library System, Museum, County Archives, Parks and Recreation and Westover Field.

The 1999-2000 operating budget for GSA is approximately $12.8 million with a staff equivalent to 50.5 full-time persons.

The Grand Jury's review of GSA encompassed the following areas:

A report for each area follows.

Article 2, Section 926 of the California Penal Code grants the Grand Jury permission to employ the services of experts with the approval of the Court. The Grand Jury used this authority in its review of GSA.

The Harvey M. Rose Accountancy Corporation was employed to assess the management practices and structure of GSA. The original scope, to identify potential expenditure savings and opportunities for improved performance and efficiency, was cut back due to the limited funds available to the Grand Jury for this endeavor. A copy of the report is included as Appendix A.

The Grand Jury is in agreement with the findings outlined in the Harvey M. Rose Report and makes the following recommendations.

1. The Board of Supervisors should:

2. The GSA Director should:

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