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Amador County Archives is a County Division under the umbrella of the General Services Administration (GSA). This division collects records, pictures, newspapers and various documents relating to Amador County. The division is open to the public and has two part-time employees and several volunteers. The Archives Division has built a website, allowing Internet access to information about the County's history.


Persons interviewed:

  1. GSA Director
  2. Archivist, Amador County

Documents examined:

  1. 1999-2000 Final County Budget
  2. Expenditure Status Report, as of June 30, 1999
  3. Expenditure Transaction Analysis, for fiscal year 1998-1999
  4. Harvey M. Rose Accountancy Corporation Report


  1. Archives site visit
  2. Website:


  1. Amador County allocated $34,817 from the General Fund for Archive expenditures, including salaries and supplies, for the 1999-2000 fiscal year.
  2. The Archives has an account at a local bank under the name "Friends of the Archives." The initial deposit was a donation from the Rotary Club.
  3. Public donations are deposited into the "Friends of the Archives" account.
  4. Expenditures for Amador County history items are taken from this account, with only one signature required on withdrawals.
  5. "Friends of the Archives" is an informal organization.
  6. Archive items are donated to this division.
  7. Fixed assets have been donated to this division.
  8. All donated items become property of the County.
  9. The Archives Division maintains a record of donations and expenditures pertaining to the "Friend of the Archives."


  1. "Friends of the Archives" has contributed to the benefit of the Archives Division.
  2. The lack of checks and balances in an informal organization creates the opportunity for fiscal irregularities.


  1. Formalize the "Friends of the Archives" group with by-laws, officers and meetings.
  2. "Friends of the Archives" should explore the feasibility of being organized under the umbrella of the Amador County Historical Society.
  3. The group should hold fundraising efforts to enhance the Archives Division.
  4. Checks drawn on the "Friends of the Archives" account should require two signatures.

Table of Contents