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The County Airport, known as Westover Field, is under the umbrella of the General Services Administration (GSA). The airport operates as an Enterprise Fund. Its 1999-2000 budget for operating expense is $1,044,368 with $1,079,293 in operating income. The airport is a non-tower facility with 24-hour operation, 365 days a year. Runway lights, weather and wind information is accessible by radio. The airport is staffed daily between the hours of 9am and 5pm, except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Airport traffic is approximately 300 to 500 flights weekly.


Persons interviewed:

  1. GSA Director
  2. County Airport Manager

Documents examined:

  1. 1999-2000 Final County Budget
  2. Revenue Transaction Analysis for July 1999 through February 2000
  3. Airport Concessionaire Contract
  4. Westover Field Airport Master Plan dated May 25, 1991
  5. Americans with Disabilities Act
  6. California Vehicle Code
  7. California Government Code

Site visit:


  1. The Airport Manager is a concessionaire under contract with the County and he employs two part-time workers.
  2. The Airport Administration Building, currently in use by the Agriculture Department and scheduled to be returned to airport use, is lacking in overall maintenance.
  3. The parking lot is in need of resurfacing with individual parking spaces marked.
  4. The designated space for the parking of vehicles by and/or for the disabled is not in compliance with California Vehicle Code Sections 22511.7 and 22511.8, and the Americans with Disabilities Act requiring the designated space to have markings in addition to the sign posted.
  5. A mound of dirt, gravel and chunks of concrete from the removal of underground tanks was dumped in front of the Airport Administration Building and has not been removed.
  6. Allowing parking directly in front of the fire hydrant is in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 22514, which disallows a parked vehicle within 15 feet of the hydrant.
  7. Hanger rental fees are not consistent.
  8. The Airport Master Plan of May 25, 1991 has not been updated.


  1. The Airport Administration Building needs to be refurbished.
  2. The mound of debris directly in front of the Airport Administration Building needs to be removed.
  3. Hanger rental fees need to be reviewed and standardized.
  4. The Airport Master Plan of May 25, 1991 is in need of updating.


  1. Refurbish the Airport Administration Building prior to its return to usage as the airport manager's office.
  2. Remove the mound of debris dumped in front of the Airport Administration Building.
  3. Resurface the public parking area and mark individual parking spaces.
  4. Mark the area directly in front of the fire hydrant for no parking.
  5. Mark the area on the ground for disabled parking.
  6. Conduct and document a survey of the hanger rental rates at neighboring airports to determine current market value and their method of calculation.
  7. Establish and charge a consistent hanger rental rate taking into consideration the market value for like kind.
  8. Review, assess and update the Airport Master Plan of May 25, 1991.

Table of Contents