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The Support Service Division is under the umbrella of the General Services Administration (GSA). It provides support services for the Purchasing, Central Stores, Motor Pool, Special Project Coordinator, Data Processing, Communications, Building Maintenance, Property Management, Waste Management, Grant Administration, and Central Mailing Services throughout Amador County. These services include printing, GSA administration, and mail and courier services.


Persons interviewed:

Documents examined:

  1. 1999-2000 Final Budget
  2. Expenditures Status Report
  3. Detail of Expenditures Report
  4. Harvey M. Rose Accountancy Corporation Report
  5. Document "HOP JOBS List," dated March 1, 2000


  1. Costs incurred by the Support Service Division are accumulated in the "Inter-Governmental Service Fund" and then allocated to County departments and/or other agencies by a formula revised each year based on previous year's experiences.
  2. The basis for cost allocation was developed by a consultant in l986 and has not been revised since.
  3. The Project Management costs are tracked for each specific job and those costs are assigned to the benefited agencies.
  4. Office supplies are purchased through a "piggy-back" contract with San Joaquin County, who contracts with Office Depot. GSA receives a rebate from San Joaquin County based on volume of purchase.
  5. GSA is exploring alternative purchasing procedures.


  1. The project management assignments lack prioritization and monitoring for completion.
  2. GSA Support Services is using outdated cost allocation and rates procedures.


  1. The division should review and revise costing methods and rate schedules.
  2. The document listed as the "HOP JOB List" should be documented to include prioritization, expected completion dates, and monitoring system for compliance.

Table of Contents