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Penal Code Section 919(b) requires the Grand Jury to inquire into the condition and management of all public prisons within the county. An inspection was conducted of Pine Grove Camp, which is a facility of the California Youth Authority housing wards within Amador County.


The Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp is a part of the California Youth Authority system. This camp is run in conjunction with the California Youth Authority and the California Department of Forestry.


The 1999-2000 Amador County Grand Jury visited the facility. While conducting this visit informal interviews were conducted.


  1. The facility consists of 96 acres. The property is owned by the Department of Forestry.
  2. The facility houses an average of 80 wards.
  3. The facility has a staff of 31 members of the California Youth Authority.
  4. All wards housed at Pine Grove Camp are required to be involved in educational programs.
  5. Wards are trained by members of California Department of Forestry in fire prevention and fire suppression.
  6. During fire season, wards are involved in actively fighting wild fires throughout the State of California.
  7. During non-fire season, the wards are involved in community projects such as cutting fire breaks, working on the coast to crest trail, litter removal from Highway 88, weed removal at various area high school sport fields and many other projects which directly benefit the county.


At the time of inspection, the Grand Jury found the Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp to appear to be functioning without any problems. Staff members seem to have a caring, professional attitude with the welfare of the wards being foremost in their minds. All the work done by the wards at the facility are very beneficial not only to the county but also to the entire state during fire season when the wards actively are involved in fighting wildfires.


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