The Physical Location & Mailing address is:
500 Argonaut Lane, Jackson, CA.95642 (Click for Google Map)

The Courthouse is open Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

The Courthouse is open for public access: 8AM to 5PM
The Clerk’s Office is open 9AM-3PM M-F.
Call: 209-257-2688
Available 24 hours a day to assist you in locating Case information.


Have you been ordered by the Court to pay a fine and/or fee and you are unable to pay the full amount
by the due date?
Have you received a notice from the Court’s Collection Department about an outstanding debt?
Do you need a modification to your payment(s) due to change of income?
Did we intercept your tax return?
If so, you must immediately contact the Court’s Collection Department
to make arrangements to pay.
The Amador Superior Court Collections Department is located in the Courthouse at 500 Argonaut Lane, Jackson, CA. The Collection Specialist has the ability to negotiate a payment schedule for you. Failure to contact this office about a payment problem may result in a hold being placed on your driver’s license; Wage Garnishment; Tax return intercept; Civil Assessment penalty, Violation of Probation and your case being referred to an outside agency.

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9:30 am to 3:00 pm.
The collections department is located in the jury assembly room.
Phone: 209-257-2688
Email: Collections Department


WHEN APPEARING IN COURT, you may learn you are expected to pay a fine and/or fees. The Court’s Collections Department can assist you by offering payment options. If you need assistance in paying court ordered fines and/or fees, please read the below information to prepare you for the evaluation process.
+ Leaving the courtroom.
If you have been ordered to pay a fine and/or fee on a criminal case and you are unable to pay the full amount by the due date (usually 30 days), please report to the Collections Department prior to your due date. The Court will work with you to establish payment arrangements.
+ How are payment arrangements scheduled?
All income and basic expenses are reviewed. Payment arrangements are based on your ability to pay after all basic necessities are paid.
+ Personal Data Sheet/Financial Information.
When you report to the Collections Department you may be asked to complete a Personal Data Sheet with financial information. The form requires you to list all income and expenses to assist in determining your ability to pay fines and/or fees.
+ Please bring any documents needed to help substantiate your financial status.
Documents that assist in establishing payment arrangements are:
  1. Current Pay check stub.
  2. Self-employed - copy of Income Tax Returns.
  3. Proof of Welfare.
  4. Proof of unemployment benefits.
  5. Proof of disability income.
  6. Invest the conservatee's money.
  7. Proof of rent/mortgage, utilities, child support, etc.
+ Available payment options. Note: Fees may apply to some forms of payment.
BY PHONE: call (209) 257-2688 with a Credit or Debit Card (Visa or MasterCard).
IN PERSON: at the building location 500 Argonaut Lane Jackson, CA 95642
with cash, check, money order, Credit or Debit (Visa or MasterCard).
BY MAIL: to 500 Argonaut Lane Jackson, CA 95642 with check or money order.


Please make checks payable to Amador Superior Court
In order to receive proper credit to your account, include your case number on the check or money order.
DO NOT MAIL CASH... NOTE: Any returned check will result in a $50 non sufficient funds fee.
+ Monthly billing statements.
The Court does not mail out monthly statements or reminders. It is up to you to make your monthly payments on time according to your arrangement with the court.
+ Failing to make payments or setup a payment arrangements by Due Dates.
One or more of the following actions may occur:
If you do not contact the Court’s Collections Department to set up payment arrangements or
pay your fine and/or fees by the due date.
  1. Wage Garnishment.
  2. Interception of your state tax refund.
  3. Hearing for allegation of Violation of Probation.
  4. Referral to outside collection agency.
  5. Civil Assessment imposed in the amount of $300.
  6. Hold placed on your driver’s license for failure to pay.
+ Address Change.
You must notify the court of any address change within 10 days.
+ Why has my case increased by $335?
When you fail to pay or appear in court by the due date, the court may impose a $300 civil assessment pursuant to PC 1214.1. The civil assessment is in addition to any other fines and/or fees imposed on the case. The court may also impose a $35 civil assessment collections fee.
+ Is there a grace period for my payments?
Payments must be received by the due date each month. Contact the Court’s Collections Department if you are having difficulty meeting your due date.
+ If I mail my payment, will you send a receipt?
Yes, if you include a self addressed stamped envelope along with your payment.