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The Courthouse is open Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

The Courthouse is open for public access: 8AM to 5PM
The Clerk’s Office is open 9AM-3PM M-F.
Call: 209-257-2603


The Family Law court has jurisdiction over cases involving marital and domestic partnership relationships, relationships between parents and children, and domestic violence matters.
The Family Law Department handles the following filings:
Dissolution, Legal Separation, Nullity
Establish Parental Relationship (Paternity), Petitions for Custody and Support
Child Custody and Visitation
Child Support, Spousal Support, Family Support
Marital Property Division
Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
Dept. of Child Support services, Child Support Actions
All cases involving the Central Sierra Child Support Agency (CSCSA) are required by law to be heard
by a Superior Court Commissioner. CSCSA assists parents in establishing paternity and establishing, modifying and enforcing child support and medical support orders.
CSCSA provides services in these areas to both custodial and non-custodial parents upon request. However, if the custodial parent is receiving TANF and there is no order requiring the non-custodial parent to pay child support, CSCSA will file an action to establish a judgment of paternity (if necessary) and to obtain child and medical support orders. The CSCSA does not provide legal advice to the parties and the attorney who appears in court on behalf of CSCSA does not represent either parent.
The Family Law Facilitator can provide legal assistance in child support cases, which include actions to establish paternity, marital dissolutions (if there are minor children), custody and visitation motions (if support or modification of support is requested) or in any action involving the CSCSA.
To request to appear for your child support hearing via telephonic appearance, please submit the following form: Request to Appear

Visit the  California State Child Support website.


When parents do not agree on custody and visitation arrangements, California law requires they attend mediation before the court hearing. Child custody mediation is an opportunity for parents to work with a mediator and make their own agreement as to how they will take care of their children and what the custody and visitation plan will be.
Although mediators are experienced in counseling, mediation is not counseling. A neutral mediator meets with both parents and helps them try to agree on a plan that is the best for them and their child/children.
The guidelines for mediation are to treat each other and the mediator with respect, listen to each other to find real solutions, put the child/children first, and think about the child/children’s needs and what they can handle.
The court encourages parties to avoid the expense, time, stress and hostilities of court proceedings by trying an informal dispute resolution process like private mediation. In private mediation, a neutral mediator works with all parties to help them reach voluntary agreements that work for their particular situation.
You may use private mediation:
  •  anytime before or after filing legal papers
  •  to resolve all or part of your case, including child custody, visitation, and marital property division
  •  with or without lawyers
Private mediators do not make rulings, orders, decisions or reports. Their only job is to help you work out voluntary agreements that fit your particular situation.

The list of Family Law Mediators can be found Here
The Court may order you to participate in parenting or co-parenting programs or testing. To locate resources in and around Amador County click on the link below for information on the following:
  •  Parenting and Co-Parenting Services
  •  Family and Child Therapy
  •  Domestic Violence Services
  •  Supervised Visitation
  •  Drug and Alcohol Testing, Assessments and Treatment

Adobe pdf file Guide to Custody and Parenting Resources in and around Amador County.
The Orientation Program is mandatory for all parents who have child custody and visitation issues. Orientation provides important information about helping children through their parents’ separation and how to develop a parenting plan.
The Orientation Program may be completed on the morning of your hearing. Please arrive on time and take a seat in the hallway outside of Department 2. The video shown during orientation illustrates the need for parents to keep their children out of adult conflicts.
The Court expects you to complete the online course, Parenting After Separation , prior to your hearing and mediation.
ONLINE COURSE - "Parenting After Divorce or Separation"
We are happy to offer a new resource to families dealing with change after divorce or separation. The online course is free and parents are expected to complete the Parenting After Separation course prior to attending your Court Hearing. The website for this resource is:
Families Change: Your Guide to Separation and Divorce
can be emailed with comments or concerns.


Office of the Family Law Facilitator and Self-Help Attorney
This office is staffed by: Kori Tearpak. Family Law Facilitator

Assistance is available in the following matters:
Obtaining, Modifying or Terminating Child or Spousal Support.
Obtaining health insurance coverage for your children.
Obtaining or Modifying Orders pertaining to Health Insurance for minor
children and orders regarding uncovered medical expenses.
Establishing Paternity.
Establishing or Objecting to Support Arrearages.
Dissolution of Marriage/Legal Separation.
Child custody and visitation.
Domestic Violence Restraining Orders.
The Facilitator does not represent you - He/She:
MAY assist both parties to a case.
There is no attorney client relationship.
MAY NOT give you personalized advice or assist in strategy.
MAY NOT go to Court with you and is not responsible
for the outcome of your case.

He/She will provide you with assistance and guidance to the necessary Court forms, how to prepare them, plus legal and procedural information.
The Facilitator is on-site and is available by appointment and limited drop in. CLICK HERE FOR HOURS and to schedule appointments


The following questions and answers are provided for general reference and information only.
Where do I file my Papers
All documents are filed at the Clerks Office, located at 500 Argonaut Lane, Jackson, CA.
Papers filed with the Clerk's Office can be submitted in person between during office hours, or left in the dropbox at the Courthouse entrance. (See Local Rule 11.22).
Papers being filed on the day of the hearing must be filed in the courtroom.
When filing papers with the Court, please use the following guidelines:
Pleadings will not be filed unless they comply with
Exhibits must be as legible as original typing or printing.
No conformed copies of documents filed with the Clerks Office will be returned by mail
unless a self-addressed stamped envelope, with sufficient postage is provided.
All papers presented for filing must be pre-punched in the standard two-hole position
An original and one copy must be submitted, and only two copies of each document
will be conformed.
Documents submitted without appropriate filing fees according to the court's
Statewide Filing Fee Schedule will be returned un-filed.


Form Description Updated Format
PLEASE NOTE: Mandatory form indicates a Mandatory form, all other forms are optional.
Case Intake Form    Mandatory form Amador Rule of Court 11.20 requires parties filing new civil cases to complete all identifying information available to them regarding all parties to the case, and submit the form at the time of filing. 07/11/08 Adobe pdf file
Non-Pro Provider Guide - Guide for the Non-Professional Provider of Supervised Visitation. 06/04/12 Adobe pdf file
Petition to Declare FCA-200 Petition To Declare Minor Free From Parental Custody & Control of Parent for Step Parent Adoption 03/10/17 Adobe pdf file
Order on Petition FCA-201 Order on Petition To Declare Minor Free From Parental Custody & Control of Parent for Step Parent Adoption 03/10/17 Adobe pdf file
Adoption Citation FCA-202 Adoption Citation to Declare Minor Free From Parental Custody and Control of Parent for Stepparent Adoption 03/10/17 Adobe pdf file
Consent to Adoption FCA-203 Consent to Adoption by Parent In/Outside CA giving custody to Wife or Other Parent 03/10/17 Adobe pdf file
Ex Parte Application FCA-204 Ex Parte Application for Publication of Citation 03/10/17 Adobe pdf file
Order on Ex Parte Application FCA-205 Order on Ex Parte Application for Publication of Citation 03/10/17 Adobe pdf file
Declaration of Due Diligence FCA-206 Declaration of Due Diligence in Support of Request for an Order for Publication or Dispensing with Notice 03/10/17 Adobe pdf file
Declaration in Support of Ex Parte Application for Orders FCS-004: - Used to give notice of ex parte hearing, or explain why no notice is being given. 08/26/14 Adobe pdf file
Firearm Declaration FCS-006: - Used by restrained person to comply with mandatory firearm requirements. 05/14/01 Adobe pdf file
Memorandum To Set Case For Trial FCS-031: - Used to request case set for trial. 04/24/12 Adobe pdf file
Family Law Case Management Statement FCS-043: - Used to inform the Court as to your updated Family Law case status. 09/17/12 Adobe pdf file
Request to Set Default/Uncontested Matter For Hearing FCS-044: - Used to request hearing set on default or uncontested matter. 08/11 Adobe pdf file
Family Law Settlement Conference Statment FCS-052: - Used to inform the court what the parties have agreed to and what they are disputing. 09/17/12 Adobe pdf file
Grandparent Rights Information
Petition for Joinder
Petition for Grandparent Rights
FCS-080: - Grandparent Rights Packet:  Information sheet;
Petition for Joinder (Custody/Visitation); Petition.
Adobe pdf file
Statement of Issues FCS-92 - Statement of Issues, Contentions and Proposed Disposition of the Case 10/06/16 Adobe pdf file
Mediation/Evaluation Client Complaint Form FCS-100: - Used to inform the Court of your complaint against a mediator or evaluator. 04/24/12 Adobe pdf file
INFO-Petition to Inspect Adoption Records
FCS-105: Info on Filing a PETITION TO INSPECT ADOPTION RECORDS 06/16 Adobe pdf file
Request/Petiton to Inspect Adoption records FCS-106: PETITION TO INSPECT ADOPTION RECORDS 06/16 Adobe pdf file
Stipulation For Continuance FCS-104: - Stipulation For Continuance of Hearing 06/12/18 Adobe pdf file
Notice of Remote Appearance RA-010:  Notice or Remote Appearance 03/2023 Adobe pdf file


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