+ What are the Court's hours of operation?

The Clerk's Office is open Monday - Thursday 9:30AM to 2:30PM
Friday CLOSED on 1st & 3rd Fridays of the month.
Friday 9:30 AM to 12:00 NOON all other Friday's
The Courtrooms are open Monday - Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM

+ How do I know what courtroom my case is in?

Review the Court's Calendar.
There is also a printed calendar posted in the lobby of the Courthouse.

+ Can the clerks help me fill out my paperwork?

No. The staff of the Clerk’s Office is forbidden by California law to practice law or provide legal advice; this prohibition includes giving advice about what forms you might need or how you should fill them out.

+ Does the Court have parking available?

Yes, the Court has a parking lot available for patrons, free of charge.

+ Are food and beverages available for purchase at the Courthouse?

The Court has vending machines available in the Jury Assembly room. Several restaurants are within a short drive of the Courthouse. Please note, food and beverages are not allowed inside the Courtrooms.

+ Can I observe Court proceedings, even if I am not a party?

For the most part, all Court proceedings are open to the public.

+ Can I speak to the Judge outside of Court?

No, this is referred to ex parte communication. By law, the Judge is prohibited from speaking with you outside the presence of the opposing party.

+ How should I refer to the Judge when I’m in Court?

The Judge should be referred to as “Your Honor.”

+ Can I speak to the Court’s legal research staff?

No, by Local Rule, the Court’s research staff is prohibited from speaking to you about cases pending in this Court, unless the contact is specifically allowed by the judge assigned to hear the matter or the presiding judge.

+ Should I provide a courtesy copy of motion papers for the convenience of the department hearing the motion?

No, the original documents will be forwarded to the department hearing your motion.

+ What is a Pro Tem Judge?

A “Pro Tem” or “temporary judge” is an attorney, in good standing with the State Bar of California, who has practiced for ten (10) years or, for good cause, five (5) years. A temporary judge must satisfy extensive educational requirements before being appointed.

+ How do I file a Complaint against the Judge?

Complaints against Judges are filed with the Commission on Judicial Performance (“CJP”). For more information about filing such a Complaint, please see CJP’s website: http://cjp.ca.gov/

+ How do I file a Complaint against an Attorney?

Most Complaints against attorneys are filed with the State Bar of California. For more information, please see the State Bar’s website: http://www.calbar.ca.gov/Attorneys/LawyerRegulation.aspx

If you wish to file a Complaint against a Court appointed attorney for a child in a child custody or visitation proceeding or a Court appointed attorney in a juvenile proceeding, please refer to the Court’s Local Rules.