Effective February 1, 2017
The Amador County Superior Court will expand the case types for which interpreters are made available.

Interpreter services shall be provided by an in-person interpreter. After all reasonable options for an in-person interpreter have been exhausted, the Court may utilize other approved means to provide interpreter services from a certified or registered interpreter until an in-person interpreter is available.

The Court also provides American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters for all case types.

Parties and Counsel are required to provide notice to the Court of any need for interpreting in order to assure that these services may be arranged by the Court on a timely basis.

To notice the Court please complete the Interpreter Request form (MISC-051)  and submit it to any clerk at the public counter, via mail, or via email to the Interpreter Coordinator at the address listed below.

If an interpreter is not available at the time of your hearing, a language line service will be used, and your case may be continued until an in-person interpreter can be assigned.

The California courts want all Californians, including those who do not speak English well, to have access to the courts. If you have a complaint about language access services, or if you would like to provide feedback about language access services, please complete the Language Access Complaint form (MISC-052)  and submit it to any clerk at a public counter, via email, or by mail to the Interpreter Coordinator at the address listed below. The Court will respond within 30 days upon receipt of your complaint.

Contact Information:
Amador Superior Court Interpreter Coordinator, Language Access Services
500 Argonaut Lane
Jackson, CA 95642
Email Address:

For more information regarding the Court’s interpreter program,
Contact the Interpreter Coordinator at 209-257-2658.

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan

The LEP plan was developed to ensure meaningful access to court services
for persons with limited English proficiency. The purpose of this plan is to provide a framework for the provision of timely and reasonable language assistance to LEP persons who come in contact with the Superior Court of Amador County. Click for further information.


In criminal and juvenile proceedings, an interpreter shall be sworn to interpret for a non-English speaking witness, so that the witness can be understood directly by the parties, counsel, court, and jury.

A court-appointed interpreter may be required for witnesses in other case types. As noted above, if funding is available, the Court may provide an interpreter in certain other case types. If funds are not available however, the Court is only responsible for payment of interpreter fees in criminal and juvenile proceedings, or if a fee waiver is granted in another case type.


The Court may provide an interpreter where a hearing impaired party or witness is present and participating in court proceedings. In addition, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the court will provide to hearing-impaired persons a reasonable accommodation that will enable such persons to engage in effective communications in court proceedings. In providing such accommodation, the court shall give primary consideration to the specific accommodation requested by such persons (e.g., a request for a sign language interpreter rather than a mechanical device).


The following web sites contain resources that may be helpful to persons with limited English proficiency.

External Weblink Forms Available in a Variety of Languages
External Weblink Resources in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese
External Weblink Other Translation Tools

If you will need an interpreter for basic communication with Court employees, and you are planning a visit to the Courthouse, you may want to print out and bring an I speak…card  with you to identify the language that you speak.


CALL: 209-257-2600 - Clerks' Office
CALL: 209-257-2658 - Coordinator