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The Commission is mandated by provisions of the State Welfare and Institutions Code and is comprised of no less than seven nor more than fifteen members who have the following objectives and charges:
It is the goal of the Commission to be a public forum in the interest of
justice for children and youth and delinquency prevention to provide leadership for citizen action.
By state law, it is the duty of the Juvenile Justice Commission to inquire
into the administration within its county of the Juvenile Court Law;
to inspect annually secure juvenile facilities used by the County for confinement of minors, and to report its findings, with recommendations, to the Juvenile Court. The Commission, by Judicial authority, also inspects group homes and other congregate care facilities providing residential placements ordered by the Court, during the year.
By law, the Commission has access to all publicly administered
institutions whose use is authorized by the Juvenile Court. The Commission may hold hearings. The Juvenile Court has the power of subpoenas requiring attendance and testimony of witnesses and production of papers at hearings of the Commission.
The Commission is empowered to inquire into the administration of
justice in a broad sense including, but not limited to, operations of the Juvenile Court, Probation and Social Services Departments, and Law Enforcement. The Commission is also concerned with policy matters and makes recommendations to the Juvenile Court and/or other responsible policy-making administrative body changes as it deems beneficial to Juvenile Justice. The Commission may publicize its findings.
The Commission is actively concerned with the provisions of appropriate
and adequate services and facilities by city, county or state government.
The Commission also coordinates, on a county wide basis, the work of
those governmental and non-governmental organizations engaged in activities to prevent juvenile delinquency or in the improvement of recreation, health, and other conditions in the community affecting juvenile matters.


Contact the Judicial Assistant to the Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court

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Updated: December 15, 2011