Front Court Entrance
500 Argonaut Lane
Jackson, CA. 95642

Courtroom Equipment

Equipment available for use in the courtrooms are typified by clicking on: Adobe pdf file Courtroom Equipment

Media Coverage Inside the Courtroom:

All requests for media coverage inside the Courtroom must comply with California Rule of Court, Rule 1.1150.

Requests shall be made on Media Request to Photograph, Record, or Broadcast   form MC-500 .  
A completed, proposed Order on Media Request to Permit Coverage  form MC-510  must be submitted in conjunction
with the request. Unless good cause is shown, all requests must be filed at least five (5) court days before the hearing
in which the media coverage is desired.

Media Coverage Outside the Courtroom:

All requests for Media Coverage inside the Courthouse (outside the Courtroom) must comply with Local Rule 11.25