Common problems that web users are having will be listed here as they are discovered.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Version X of the reader has implemented enhanced security in the application. After it's initial installation, reduce the secure setting to a lower level to allow pdf documents to load.

Windows 8 and pdf files.

It might be that Adobe acrobat is not associated with the pdf file type: File Associations

Here are some Windows 8 tips: The ultimate guide to Windows 8 on the desktop.

Some typical problems: Can't view PDF on the web

Web Browsers and POPUP Blockers

Most internet browsers have a feature entitled POPUP BLOCKER. If you can't display the pdf files on this site, you might check your popup blocker and see if it is enabled. Disable it and refresh or retry the page that you were accessing.

Windows 10 Edge Browser

The Edge browser does not have any support for ActiveX plug-ins: Therefore displaying PDF files through use of a plugin does not work. It is suggested to use IE11, Firefox or Chrome. Click For More Information .

Computer System Maintenance

System backup processes run during the evenings, and sometimes continue into early morning hours, especially on the weekends. If you experience issues when attempting to make your traffic tickets or search for case information. Please retry your attempt during normal business hours or mid-day on the weekends.

Technical support  for the court is very interested in your experiences and would appreciate any more detailed information on an event, such as: the time and day, and what page you were trying to access. (Shown in your browsers address field. ) Thank you for letting us serve you.