Parties may appear at their hearing either by video or by phone using Zoom, a remote conferencing service provided for free.

The court has implemented a mailbox for parties needing to request a remote appearance.
All requests must be submitted to zoomrequest@amadorcourt.org.

Please review the Remote Appearance Policy.

Requests must be submitted no less than 24 hours prior to the hearing. Requests made within 24 hours of a hearing shall be accommodated to the best of the court’s ability.

Once the court has received your request you may consider it approved, unless contacted by the court.

Zoom links are sent just prior to the hearing time. If you are questioning whether you have received your link please check your SPAM folder. The link invite often ends up there. Once you have received your invite - click on the link sent. The judge will allow you into the defined session once it is time for all parties to participate. If this is your first time using zoom, please allow about 10 minutes for the app to install prior to your court time.

DISCLAIMER: Understand that the court, in its discretion, may decide to terminate the video appearance if it determines during the hearing that parties are not available at the calendar call, or delay due to disruption, noise, misconduct, a communication problem, a technical problem, or other issue. Understand the court may decide at any time to require a personal appearance and continue the hearing. Parties assume the risks of cost, time, delay, technical failure, and/or other issues that may arise out of this remote appearance.

* Person Requesting the zoom invite, contact phone number,contact email address.
* Who this request is for. Choose one of the following: Attorney, Witness, Party, Other.
* The email address of where the invite should be sent.
* The Dept number at the court where the session will be held. Choose: 1, 2,3
* The case name.
* The case number.
* The date for the requested zoom invite. Choose: Month/Day/Year
* The time of the requested zoom invite. Choose: AM or PM.