Pursuant to California Rules of Court 2.250 - 2.261 and Civil Code of Procedure Sections 1010.6,
the Superior Court of California, County of Amador, accepts electronic fax filing in the following case types:

  All Family Law matters.
  All Civil matters.
  All Probate matters.

Electronic fax filing in the above listed case types is optional (non-Mandatory).

The Court does not accept electronic fax filing of juvenile dependency and all criminal matters at this time, including felony, misdemeanor, infractions, juvenile delinquency, and criminal-related mental health matters.

   A $5 per-transaction fee will be charged for each document 1-25 pages
   A $10 per-transaction fee will be charged for each document 26-50 pages
   Each document must be transmitted separately. Combined submissions will be rejected
   Limit of 50 pages per document. Documents over the 50 page limit will be rejected
   Parties paying Filing Fees by Credit Card will also be charged a processing fee that
is a percentage of the overall transaction of 3.5% to cover the cost of the credit card transaction
   The above fees will be waived for any party filing under an approved Fee Waiver

Documents received electronically by the court between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on a court day shall be deemed filed on that court day. Any document received electronically after 5:00 P.M. is deemed filed the following court business day.
The following items may not be electronically filed, regardless of the Case Type in which they are to be filed:

   Any will, codicil, or testamentary trust;
   Bond or undertaking;
   Subpoenaed documents;
   Financial institution documents, care facility documents or escrow documents as defined
under Probate Code Sec. 2620, submitted by conservators, guardians,
or trustees of court supervised trusts;
   California state vital records forms;
   Any documents with attachments/exhibits that cannot be accurately transmitted
via electronic filing due to size or type;
   Documents typically submitted during the course of a proceeding (e.g. Trial Exhibits);
   Documents lodged with the court provisionally under seal;
   Documents for cases under seal;
   Labor Commissioner deposit of cash or check.
   The filing party is responsible for being familiar with and complying to California Rules of Court 2.300 et seq.
   Filings by fax will be file stamped on the date they are received, but will not receive any priority processing.
   If the matter is on calendar the same day, the original is to be filed in open court and not filed by fax or email.


   Approval is done daily but can take up to 2 business days.
   Once the document is approved, the court clerk will fax a conformed face sheet and charge receipt
back to the provided fax number.
   Download and fill-out the COVER SHEET and include your credit card information, return fax number,
and telephone number, and Attorney Information on the appropriate pages.
   Fax cover sheet and filing document to: 209-231-5811