court reporter transcripts

Requesting Transcripts and/or Electronic Recordings

Some court proceedings are reported by a court reporter, others may be electronically recorded.
Not all proceedings are reported or recorded. To find out more, please see Amador Local Rule 11.06.
Depending on the specific proceeding, either a transcript or a copy of an electronic recording may
be available upon request.

Submit the online transcript/recording request form.

What is a court transcript?

A transcript is typed copy of testimony given and is an official record of proceedings.


Clerk minutes are entered into the case by the courtroom clerk. This is not a complete record when compared to a case utilizing an electronic recording device or a Court Reporter transcription. The Minutes are accessible on line by using the Home page tab of this website where you will find the "Case Search" button or directly accessing the search page link.
Locate the case by entering the available case information (ex. Name, or Case Number) and Search.
Find the correct case. Locate and Click the Dockets tab. Use the Docket Desc field to select an entry that starts with
"CLERK'S MINUTES" followed by a number, or if you know the date (ex. 10/10/12) enter the date in the Begin Date and End Date fields and Search. The court does not accept Transcript requests for Minutes.

How do I request a court transcript?

Use the online transcript/recording request form. Please use a separate form for each request.

How much will my transcript cost?

Once the court reporter contacts you, he/she will tell you the cost of the transcript.
He/she will also discuss how to pay for the transcript, the length of time it will take to complete, and where to pick it up.

What is a court recording?

A court recording is an alternative method to capture court proceedings by using an electronic recording device
pursuant to   Government Code Section 69957.

How do I request a court recording?

Submit the  online transcript/recording request form. Once a completed form is received,
the Court will contact you with the cost for the production of an audio copy of the hearing session.
Please use a separate form for each request.

How much will the recording cost?

The Court will assess a charge to cover the cost of the CD, creating the recording, and administrative costs
in processing your request. The current fee is $25.00 per CD.

What if I need a transcript of the recording?

The court does not provide transcripts of electronic recordings. You will need to contact a transcription agency.